Say it with Nutella

Interactive abri


This rush project was realised over a weekend.
The client’s wish: To have a Nutella ad with 3 stages.
1 A static ad with a jar silhouette and current slogan.

2 A transition into a talking Nutella jar, with an animated lid and text that could be updated live.

3 A Transition into A Nutella jar with their slogan.

This had to run on an abri billboard, to use in a candid video commercial shoot.

The initial concept was visualised in adobe flash, as the abri required it to run on an outdated version of flash player in a 4K resolution.

Authors / credits

Global Design mainframe

Mikel Agricola: GDM Project manager.
Jerry van den Heuvel: Programming, front & backend, server communication, implementation.
Sebastian Mollet: Visuals, animation, transitions, implementation.
Paulina Igras: Lid animation
Alex: Technical assistance.

Initial concept: Made for digital.
Client: Made for Digital
Partner: JCDecaux