Procedural Track Generation

Curve based procedural track level generation - Unity - HoudiniEngine for Unity - Houdini


A prototyping tool built in Houdini for HoudiniEngineUnity to procedurally generate race track level geometry within Unity, and iterate upon it without leaving the game engine.
The tool can be loaded into Unity as an asset, running Houdini Engine in the background.

It allows for the generation of a racetrack based on a customisable curve shape.

Generation and settings are adjustable within Unity through the asset UI.
The generated track can immediately be playtested.

What it does:
– Generate clean polygonal geometry for road, land, tunnels and bridges.
– Generate proper UVs for all geometry
– Applies test texture to generated geometry
– Generates collision models and settings for all geometry
– Toggle color for object catagories
– Optimizes land geometry to decrease polygon count.
– allows for adjustment and change of almost everything it generates.

Authors / credits

Sebastian Mollet