Spyro Model

Sculpt, 3D model, Low poly, Normal mapped


A sculpt of Spyro the dragon, based on a piece of concept art from Dawn of the Dragon. I made this a while back before retopology techniques and tools were readily available within maya and Zbrush. And before Insert Multimesh and QRemesh existed. As such the sculpt is based on one low polygon Quad base model from Maya, Uprezzed and sculpted in stages within Zbrush. The bake was done within Maya as I hadn’t discovered Xnormal yet at the time.

At the time the low resolution model was just made to hold the normal bake based of the base model. As such it was not as optimised as it could be and came in around 6K faces 12K triangles

I will update the project and make another retopology sometime soon with a bake in Xnormal for normal, diffuse, and occlusion maps, to see the difference in quality, and aim for a lower polycount without loss off visual quality. then import the results it into unity to see what it would look like in a game engine.

Authors / credits

Sebastian Mollet

Sierra entertainment:
Spyro dawn of the Dragon