Solitary but social I enjoy working on projects in teams. I am at my best when working on 3D models, but don’t shy away from rigging, animation, sculpting, texturing, concepting, UI design, testing, engine implementation or any kind of assistance the project requires. My broad technical knowledge comes with good problem-solving skills, and spatial intelligence, allowing me to collaborate well with team members of different professions. I am curious by nature, and like to know what makes things work under the hood.

When I was young I enjoyed making things with arts and crafts, and building working machines with Technic LEGO. At around the age of 12 I got my first home console, a Nintendo 64 and have enjoyed videogames ever since. I loved that they were able to give you the opportunity to experience your own adventure, to become a racing driver, a Italian plumber, or a bear with a bird in its backpack. Although your actions are bound by gameplay the experience is personal. At the time, making videogames seemed like a distant dream, one I didn’t actually plan to work towards, as it was my lifetime goal to become a mad scientist or inventor. After high school I was able to combine my urge to be creative and interest in computers by completing a course in multimedia design, at the Eindhovense school/SintLucas. There I first came into contact with 3D modelling software, and was able to do an internship at the Radboud University in Nijmegen making VR environments (RR was still rare back then and hard to implement). After graduating as a Multimedia Designer, I continued studying and was accepted at NHTV Breda for International Game Architecture & Design as a Visual artist where I received my propaedeutic diploma. During the course of the program I got into contact with all fields of game design. From storytelling, level and gameplay design, to anatomy, architecture, animation, and modelling techniques. I received my Diploma and am now a Bachelor of science.

Some of my hobbies and interests are : Cooking, video games, movies, drawing, mechanical objects, driving, cinematic soundtracks.